If you’re wondering if Guerrilla Marketing works, I am here to say it does! In February of 2009, I had gotten laid off from my job of eleven years in advertising. When the big three took a dive here in Detroit, so did the automotive print business. I knew the job market was going to be tough, but thought with my advertising/marketing background, I would be able to brand myself in some way and land a job without any problems.  I made cards to pass out, attended networking groups, and even developed my own website. I worked hard networking and put numerous hours in on the computer sending out resumes.  I did more than most and thought I would have some success, but this job market turned out to be a tough one, they were getting 800-1000 resumes every job I applied for. Here I was, seven months later I had not had one interview!


I was starting to get frustrated and a little depressed until I had gotten this email from a networking friend. It was discussing some of the tactics from an article taken from the Guerilla Marketing Job Search book.  It had mentioned at the bottom of the email that Kevin Donlin and David Perry who wrote the book would be holding a seminar the next day here in the Detroit area.  I figured I had nothing to lose, so I decided to attend it.  I was glad that I did!  I had already learned in that short time a few new ideas to try.  They were offering a book camp course for only a few select people.  I decided to sign up.  Though, I was a little hesitant to put out the money, I can now say it was worth every penny of it!  Through assignments each week that we had to complete, the support I got from the other boot campers, along with the expertise from Kevin and David was invaluable.


I first wrote my guerilla resume, then sent it out in a Starbuck’s coffee cup asking to meet for coffee and I put it in a box and shipped it out by Fed-Ex. I then tracked the package to see when it got delivered.  I waited a bit to make the call to make sure it got to the person I addressed it to who would be making the decisions. Before I could make my follow-up call, they called me to tell me how clever it was and an interview was set-up.  After getting the interview, I immediately followed-up with a hand written thank you note and because it was during Halloween, I attached the note to a chocolate covered apple and had a friend act as a courier and had it hand delivered to them.  It worked like a charm, and I got a second interview with the EVP. After the second interview, I knew I wanted the job, and decided to write out a plan of action. I wrote a 30-60-90 day plan from my notes I had taken at the interview to show I could do the work and contribute to their bottom line. It was eight pages long and took the weekend to write, but I was ready to give up a weekend to do whatever it took to land the job. I sent it out and a few days later, I heard back from them and got the job offer!  What took me seven months to do, I did in seven weeks with the tactics I learned from the Guerilla Marketing.

The traditional way of job searching is gone, and the sooner you learn what works like these tactics, the sooner you’ll find the job you’re looking for!