The Guerrilla Half Cover Letter

On September 25, 2009, in guerrilla job hunting, by Kevin Donlin

Guerrilla half cover letter

Could this be the biggest breakthrough in cover letters since Gutenberg invented movable type in 1450?

Judge for yourself.

You’re looking at a Guerrilla Half Cover Letter, the very latest “job getting” tactic from Guerrilla Job Search Laboratories (where we all wear white coats and pocket protectors).

As you know, Guerrillas don’t submit their resume and cover letter to employers by email alone. It’s too risky, what with spam filters set on KILL and the ever-present delete key.

You must do more than email if you really want to find a job.

Printing and mailing your documents is better, but often not good enough.

Enter the Guerrilla Half Cover Letter, a new tactic we borrowed from the world of creative marketing, where all smart Guerrillas look for ideas.

Here’s how you can mail one today, in 4 easy steps …

1) Cut an envelope in half, like the example above.

2) Format a Microsoft Word file so that, after you print it, your cover letter will fit in the half envelope. (Trim if needed.)

3) Fold your resume lengthwise so that it fits in the half envelope.

4) Insert your half cover letter and resume into the half envelope. Seal the open end of the envelope with Scotch tape, so nothing falls out.

You’re ready to go!

What should your ”half cover letter” say?

Try this wording:

Dear Mr. Smith,

 I’ve sent you half a letter. Why have I done this?

 Because, if you hire a JOB TITLE without talking to me first, your business won’t do half as well.

 Also, I thought something unusual — like half a letter — would get your attention.

 Etc., etc.

The rest is a concise version of a Guerrilla Cover Letter that is all about the reader, his/her problems, and how you can solve them, backed up by specific achievements. (We teach this in our Guerrilla Job Search Home Study Course).

You have only half a letter, so don’t waste a word.

Now. I know most of you will think this idea is mildly insane. That’s understandable.

If you’d prefer to keep doing what you’ve been doing to get hired in this economy, good luck to you.

If you’re willing to try something different, however, why not give this Guerrilla Half Cover Letter a try?

The worst that can happen is … nothing. And for most job hunters, that’s exactly what’s happening. Besides, you can always TEST this idea on a company you have no desire to work for, just to make sure.

Note: This is just one of the dozens of advanced techniques we teach in our Home Study Course and our Guerrilla Job Search Bootcamp.

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