The 3 Rules of successful job-hunting: Relevancy

On October 16, 2006, in job hunting, by The Guerrilla Recruiter

In grade school we learned the 3 Rs of Reading, writing and a rithmetic. Those were our most important lessons ok so Im dating myself here]. For job-hunters it is Research, Relevancy, and Resiliency that will deliver an A+ interview.


Your offer skills have to fit their needs. It has to solve the employers issues, not yours. Its not about you. At the core employers only want to know three things about you:

  1.  Can you make me money?
  2.  Can you save me money? and or
  3. Can you increase our efficiencies?

As global competitiveness increases, employers will be looking for all three. In the book we will show you how to express your relevancy  Value  to an employer.

Guerrilla Resume eBook

Guerrilla ResumeLess than 1% of  resumes that pass through a hiring managers hands grab their attention.  You need to approach the way you write a resume to be in that 1%.   Your resume needs to do only two things:  1st you need to grab the reader’s attention in milliseconds, and  2nd give them sufficient reason to want to call you.  A Guerrilla Resume does that.  Click for more info


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