Career Community lands Kenrick Chatman a job

Acquired a Six Figure Job by Creating a Career Community That Helped Fellow Job Seekers Land Jobs Too

At the end of January 2009, I was one of 700K+ professionals who lost their jobs. I was fairly confident that I would land a comparable or better position quickly; like I did previously in my career. Three months later, I quickly realized that this job market was the worst many Americans and I have faced in our lifetimes. Likewise, I knew I needed to really distinguish myself from the competition and subsequently enrolled in David’s, Kevin’s, and Mark’s Guerrilla Job Search Bootcamp.

During bootcamp my classmates and I were given several strategies to demonstrate our expertise beyond our resumes and cover letters. A couple of these strategies required creating a professional website/blog and white paper. I developed a “Hire Kenrick” website which included written and digital resumes, case studies, and performance reviews. Simultaneously, I began reading books about social media for a white paper I was going to write. During this research I learned about livecasting sites such as BlogTalkRadio.

Both my personal and professional contacts were impressed with the Guerrilla Job Search tactics I employed during my job search. Likewise, one of my contacts encouraged me to share this knowledge with other job seekers who may have lacked the financial resources I had at the time. With the aid of David, Kevin, and Mark I transformed my “Hire Kenrick” website to a “Hire As Many Job Seekers” site.

JobRadioUSA was born and provided “How To” job search blog posts and a link to its Career Factory Tuesday night shows on BlogTalkRadio. For each show, various career and other professional experts provided “How To” job search advice for all unemployed, underemployed, and employed job seekers free of charge. David, Kevin, and Mark served as the show’s career experts for the first three out of four episodes. Through their participation and referrals, these shows have become a major success and hit with job seekers fortunate enough to know about them. Thus far bestselling authors, top notch career experts and placement professionals, and/or CEOs of companies such as Heidrick & Struggles have participated and helped many job seekers land jobs.

In addition, these talk shows allowed me to quickly and immensely grow my network, keep hope alive during my search, and land the position I accepted in an industry where I lacked experience. As a job seeker I knew that it was tough to network, especially with employed professionals, due to fear of not having anything valuable to offer. My career community’s talk shows overcame this obstacle since it offered value to both job seekers and employed professionals. These shows also provided the medium for me to reach out to and meet some of the world’s top authors, CEOs, and career experts. As a result, my network has increased tremendously which will be beneficial for any future career transitions.

During the Great Recession it was tough to consistently keep a positive mental attitude. Doubt of the unknown constantly bothered me. However, via my career shows, I received a constant stream of emails from job seekers and employed professionals thanking me for helping the under- and unemployed. I literally felt a rush of joy reading these emails especially the ones from job seekers who credited the shows for helping them land jobs. As a result, I was able to consistently stay optimistic even during the most difficult times.

Finally, my career community helped me successfully conclude my job search. I accepted a six figure position with a technology company. One of the senior executives I report to told me that my post-MBA strategy consulting, educational background, and Internet talk shows thoroughly impressed he and his colleagues. My career shows caught their attention since many individuals within the company were really into technology. Thus they were excited and looking forward to the diverse ideas I could offer.

Kenrick Chatman is an Internet radio talk show host and revenue and profit growth expert with over 8 years of experience, helping companies solve C-level issues. His career shows and professional profile can be access at and, respectively.


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