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 How Can You Save $596.95 on a Guerrilla Resume?


 First, the good news: If you’re looking for a job in North America, a Guerrilla Resume will get you hired for a new job, faster than you ever thought possible. Or you pay nothing.

Now, the bad news: We’re doing a national promotion to more than 40,000 people across America and our writing schedule is rapidly filling up for the rest of this month …

So, if you want a Guerrilla Resume written for you by David Perry, co-author of Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters, you need to act fast ….

And you get $396.95 in extra tools and assistance, just to get you hired faster.

PLUS, you save $200.000 off our regular price today.

That’s $596.95 in total savings. But only if you hurry …

Here’s What You Get With Your Guerrilla Resume,
“Done For You” …

* Guerrilla Resume, written after a phone and email interview with Mark Haluska, your Guerrilla Resume writer. Mark, with David Perry, perfected the Guerrilla Resume format that is taking the employment world by storm — getting people like you hired in about 6-12 weeks, instead of the current national average of 38+ weeks.

* Bonus 1: Free Guerrilla Cover Letter Templates. Never struggle to find the right words for any letter you send any employer, ever again! These 7 cover letter templates are based on 93 years of advertising principles — they are really sales letters disguised as cover letters. While other job seekers are boring employers to death with traditional cover letters, you’ll be getting calls to interview — thanks to your Guerrilla Cover Letter! ($95 Extra Value)

* Bonus 2: Free copy of Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0, the book that started it all, with 315 pages of tools and tactics. Your road map to rapid employment ($21.95 Extra Value)

* Bonus 3: Free Special Report — “The Coffee Cup Caper Explained.” You may have seen this on TV or heard about it in our national radio interviews. Now you get the detailed blueprint to the MOST EFFECTIVE Guerrilla Job Search tactic ever — the one that gets you interviews, even with companies that aren’t hiring or that have rejected you before! With pictures and example letters ($40.00 Extra Value)

* Bonus 4: “The Guerrilla Voicemail Scripts” that eliminate fear and get you sit-down interviews with decision makers. Can you dial a phone? Speak English? These voicemail scripts can get you hired, by doubling the power of your Guerrilla Resume ($50.00 Extra Value)

* Bonus 5: “The Guerrilla 30-60-90 Day Plan” that won a job for one laid-off woman. This simple 8-page report can turn your next interview into a job offer in 48 hours, or less. Now available for the first time ($50.00 Extra Value)

* Bonus 6: Free Audio — “The 6-Figure Guerrilla Job Search Success.” Listen to discover how one laid-off executive got a new job created for him, after traditional networking had failed ($40.00 Extra Value)

* Bonus 7: Free Special Report — “How To Find a Job Out of State.” You can relocate and find a job — in any city in America — if you avoid the traps employers set for you. David Perry tells you how ($30.00 Extra Value)

* Bonus 8: Free Networking Opportunity. You’ll be invited to connect with David Perry and Mark Haluska at LinkedIn, the #1 destination for networking online. You get access to more than 12,607,000 people in our network, including thousands of hiring managers, recruiters and other professionals, all just a few mouse clicks away from meeting you. This benefit alone can get you hired faster. ($50 Extra Value)

* Bonus 9: Free Special Report — “Guerrilla Interview Secrets.” The same sure-fire tactics David Perry uses to prep executive candidates for 6-figure interviews. Too sensitive for mainstream publication, these secrets can help you ace your next job interview. ($20.00 Extra Value)


These People Got a Guerrilla Resume — And They Got Jobs …


From hopelessly dead-ended to a new job!

I was working in a position where I felt hopelessly dead ended. Miserable at work, it was taking a real toll on me personally and professionally. I needed to find a way out yet keep my job search strictly confidential. A year of a traditional job search has passed without any results. It is around that time that I read about Mark Haluska from Pittsburgh, PA; and the successes he’s had assisting other experienced and educated professionals throughout the US, Canada and other countries as well. I called and Mark agreed to work with me. Both of us had to put a lot of efforts and hours on the phone discussing every step of the process to help me achieve my career goal.

I’ll be starting my new CPA position in just a few weeks! I feel totally rejuvenated and excited as I’ll finally have the opportunity to take my career to the next level, at a new location, and tackle fresh challenges I’ve so greatly sought.

I’ve recently told Mark on the phone that I don’t know how I could have turned my situation into such a success without his patience and expertise. In addition, I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons in communication, which would continue benefiting my career.

Should you decide to work with him; you’ll learn and execute tactics while personally working with him that were never written about even in the Guerrilla Job Seeker series of books or in their blog postings. You would be challenged and Mark is a great task master, but it is well worth it at the end.

Mark is there any chance you’ll have time to work with my (Engineer) husband?

Valentina Manin – San Antonio, Texas

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Mission accomplished after ONLY 27 DAYS!

This could go on forever; however I will only give you highlights. I am currently in transition out of the United States Army after 22 wonderful years. I started attending TAPs classes through the Army Career Alumni Program at Fort Drum in July 2011 (a year before transition) with no results. I then hired a company to write my resume and I am not even using that one as it turned out to be ineffective.

Also, before taking the 10 week Guerrilla Job Seekers Boot Camp, I applied for 76 jobs, sent out 74 holiday Cards to a target audience, 249 postcards on March 27th, 284 postcards on April 27th, not to mention numerous phone calls, e-mails, thank you letters, cards, and notes. I also had business cards made and grew my LinkedIn network from zero to over 1,200 at great expense.   

Considering I took the Army’s TAPS classes and then hired a certified professional resume writer, plus sending all of those holiday cards, post cards, countless emails and making phone calls; not to mention all of that time and effort …in sum, they netted me a total of ZERO offers.

Well, on June 2, 2012 all of that changed. The significant change is the direct result of working with Mark J. Haluska, my Senior Certified Guerrilla coach and enrolling in the 10 week Guerrilla Job Seekers Boot Camp – and within 27 days, and yes, you read that correctly – 27 days, I had 2 offers and a lot of positive comments on my NEW Guerrilla resume. There was a 2 week wait before starting in my new position and in that time I received 3 additional offers!!!   

In closing and most importantly I also learned that a resume in-and-of-itself simply isn’t sufficient to land a new job. That is where the one-on-one the strategy sessions, scheduled / unscheduled conference calls and last but not least the interview preparation time I spent with Mark came into play; ultimately taking me over the top.

Carl Berg – Irmo, South Carolina

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Haluska is a Career Consulting Ninja!

Mark Haluska is an incredible advisor. From the first moment I spoke with him he went above and beyond what I expected… Around this time I applied for a job and got an email two days later about setting up an interview. Mark helped me prepare for this interview… and it was fantastic. I was immediately asked to do a phone interview with senior management and Mark spent two hours helping me prepare. In fact, we over prepared!

The interview went great and I was offered the job the next day! Mark went above and beyond… I just landed my dream job! I couldn’t be happier. Mr. Haluska helped me land a job in a city I adore, working for a great company doing innovative work and for twice as much as I was getting paid before!

I’ve never met anyone more committed to his clients—he acted as if the job search was his own. He was completely invested in my success. After every phone conversation I was always impressed by what he taught me and I will remember his advice and strategies for years to come.

Even though Mark works 14+ hours a day I always felt like he had time for me. He always made me feel like I was his number one priority. I highly recommend Mark. Haluska. He is a pleasure to work with, is intelligent, savvy and a genuine leader.

I can’t imagine applying for jobs without his help. Mark is a career consulting ninja and anyone who gets to work with him is incredibly lucky!

Lindsey Howshaw – San Franscisco, CA

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Really was amused by your approach – most original I ever received

Mark is the most creative recruitment consultant I ever met in my life. He turned my resume from darken ashes to a sunshine guerrilla resume…Mark Haluska cares about the quality of service he provides to you. We spent a great deal of time going back and forth working together on my resume and the strategies I would use in targeting the decision makers.

He is a truly Guerrilla Job Search Coach, very creative and, instead of speaking about Mark, I will mention one of the responses I received from CMO & COO of one of the top 5 Multinational Technology Companies in the World:

“Thanks for sending me your very nice open application letter + coffee. Really was amused by your approach – most original I ever received, and yes, let’s have this coffee. I would love to connect somewhere 2nd week of June if that works for you. Can you let me know some dates that will work for you? And send me your resume in a digital format – I want to share it with some of my colleagues across MEA.”

I definitely recommend Mark Haluska for any job seekers seeking unconventional creative ways to reach decision makers and land their dream job.

Mohammed Magdy – Cairo, Egypt

“I’d been searching for a job for the last 4 months. I got a phone call from a recruiter ? it was amazing that it happened so quickly. The Guerrilla Resume is exactly what took me from Point A to Point B in less than a week. I didn’t expect that to happen. It was truly amazing.” — Mark Noakes, Murietta California

“Using a Guerrilla Resume format was very effective in getting attention to obtain interviews. Utilizing the cover letter and also the follow up techniques of zooming in on the target company, finding the name of the hiring manager, tracking down that person and finding out how to contact them, either phone, email, fax, or even using the home address or snail mail. Being more aggressive using the Guerrilla tactics I got over a 50% response rate. Your direction and the tactics were definitely the key to success in getting the job of my dreams.” — Tony Delisi, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I had been looking for a job for probably 8 months. I just wasn’t having any success. I had to find a way to do something different. What helped me the most was my Guerrilla Resume. It was an absolute overhaul of my first resume. It just looked completely better. The people that actually hired me liked it a lot. The resume is worth it. The Guerrilla Resume was the total difference maker for me.” — Keith Talbert, Beaumont, Texas

“I got ANOTHER compliment today from a CEO about my Guerrilla Resume. A former co-worker was contacted by a CTO looking for senior marketing people for a stealth mode software startup in San Francisco, and he referred me. The CTO called me, set up a tele-introduction/interview this morning and the first comments out of the CEO’s mouth were how unique and effective my resume format is.” –Mark Olson, Las Vegas, Nevada


Why Does a Guerrilla Resume Work So Well?
This Video Reveals All …

Don’t delay.

If you’ve been sending out your resume and not getting called for interviews, that resume is costing you money. How much? It can quickly add up to $10,000, $20,000, or more — while you struggle to find your next job.

Warning! This special offer will end as soon as our writing schedule fills up.

Unlike other resume services, we are not a factory. So you won’t get some 22-year-old practicing their writing skills on your career. Every word on every Guerrilla Resume is put there for you by David Perry or Kevin Donlin!

And nothing falls though the cracks. Because your information is gathered in an exclusive, two-step process: Email Questionnaire and Phone Interview.

Note: Guerrilla Resumes are NOT for everyone. To qualify, you must live in North America, be authorized to work, be open-minded, and be able to afford the investment for a new Guerrilla Resume that gets you hired — 2 monthly installments of only $399 (risk-free and tax-deductible). Click Here to Get Started Now.

What’s Your Guarantee?


It’s simple: You have one full year — 365 days – to decide if your Guerrilla Resume is is right for you. If you’re not satisfied with your results for any reason, or no reason, just let us know and your money will be cheerfully refunded. This is 100% risk-free. You get hired, or you pay nothing.

Your investment for a Guerrilla Resume Package for any amount of experience — from new college grad to seasoned executive — is 2 monthly installments of only $399 (risk-free and tax-deductible). That’s a $200.00 savings off our regular price, when you respond today. Click Here to Get Started Now!

What are you waiting for?

If you find a new job just 1-2 weeks faster, the Guerrilla Resume pays for itself. Plus, you have a “career insurance policy” for the rest of your working life — because a Guerrilla Resume is a snap to update and use again in your next job search.

Plus, your Guerrilla Resume is risk-free, thanks to our money-back guarantee.

I can’t wait for you to join us …

Click Here to Get Started Now!

David Perry,

Creator Guerrilla Job Search System



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