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Bought the book and looking for the free downloads?


Instructions on how to acquire these downloads are printed on page xxxvii of the book under the section titled “Special Features”.  Simply turn to that page and read bullet-point #2 for instructions. 

If you are using a Kindle or an iPad to read the book then you know page numbers are ‘relative’.  To locate the “CODE” use your device’s search function to do a key word search for,  “Special Features”.   That search will find the page with the code on it.


… because we always over deliver!


In addition, there are Guerrilla Resume templates in MS-Word and the other BONUS downloads referred to in the book, Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0 available for download.   The bonus items are available by simply filling in this form which also is used to request the FREE CD.   The Secret Pass Code you need is on page 317 of the Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0 book.


What if I haven’t bought the book – can I still get the downloads?

You can get the FREE CD – yes..  The bonus items noted above only come with purchasing the book.  Please note, you use the same form as those book owners who request the FREE CD ,you just will not be taken to the Secret Pass Code page where you get the BONUS items.

Click this link if you are looking to  buy the book. It’s the best $20 investment you will ever make in yourself.   I will make $0.50 and you will get a job I know it’s not exactly a fair trade…. great karma though…. you can thank me later by helping a friend!

The future is in your hands.

David Perry


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